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David H. Thompson


Our research

The Thompson group consists of students and postdocs with a diverse set of backgrounds in synthetic organic chemistry, lipid and polymer chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, biophysics, and structural biology to impact problems in an areas of Chemical Biology. We are principally focused on developing novel bioresponsive carrier systems for drug and gene delivery, contrast agents for imaging disease processes, innovative new tools to accelerate structure elucidation of biological macromolecules, and development of continuous flow chemistry methodology for organic and materials synthesis. This multidisciplinary research program involves the synthesis of small molecules, polymers, lipids and self-assembling materials; cell and molecular biology; in vivo studies with animal models of disease; and extensive biophysical characterization of the materials we develop to better understand their interactions with biological systems.

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Efforts in our research would not be possible without the help from these organizations. We would like to thank them for their support and contributions.